Funding Preparation & Execution
According to Forbes, some of the most common mistakes companies make when getting funding is:
  • Identifying investors without doing due diligence
  • Justification of needed investment
  • Selling to the wrong investors
With EG's Funding Preparation & Execution service, we do not only get you ready, but facilitate investor meetings inside/outside our network and participate in the execution process.
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Financial Analysis

  • Analysing the sustainability of your business (CAC versus CLTV)

  • Reviewing and analysing the pricing model

  • Customer and on-boarding capacity projections


Business Plan

  • Streamlining the business departments from a commercial perspective, and conceptualizing the scalability of the business.


  • Provide a clear vision of the go-to-market plan, as well as the market expansion plan.


  • Defining market and target group potential.


Product Roadmap

  • Define clear value proposition of current solution


  • Competitive analysis of the market


  • Roadmap of future adjustments and add-ons to the solution, assuring the competitiveness of the solution


Investor shortlisting

  • We research and shortlist investors from our network


  • We assemble the pitch deck and practice the pitch among your shareholders

  • We reach out to the shortlisted investors

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