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3 Tips to Boost Your Networking in London

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

February 6, 2018 Maggie Sarfo, Business Growth, Personal Development, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Sales

Are you curious to know 3 tips to boost your networking strategy?

Women in business in the City of London have been adapting and exploring new ways to grow their businesses. I have been a keen observer in my quest to grow my own business. I’ve participated in and observed a premium international women’s executive/entrepreneurs network for over 14 months.

I’m therefore delighted to share 3 tips based on a trend that could equally boost your networking strategy and possibly provide the results you’re looking for: business growth, meaningful connections and personal development.

1. One to One – Increasingly, people are looking for opportunities to make several touches and build relationships with a contact both online and offline after initially meeting them at a networking event.

2. One to Many – There’s is also the tendency for networkers to explore the wider network of the initial contact delving a bit deeper to explore how they could be of service to each other beyond their immediate exchange of product/services. This could be a really smart angle for greater business wins.

3. Larger taster event (s) – These are events where executives/entrepreneurs get to sample and test the pulse and culture of a networking group to see if they are a good fit for longer term fun and engagement.

4. Your bonus tip – Looking to grow your business through targeted connections and fun with like-minded people in City of London, there may be a perfect taster event coming up near you

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