Our Services

Achieve Exponential Sales Growth with proven sales strategies

Sales Execution

European Gateway is a trusted partner for Sales Execution Outsourcing Services. Our team uses their expertise in sales execution and Gartner experience to deliver exceptional sales results and accelerate growth.

Our Approach

We use industry proven and tested sales strategies and processes to help growth leaders create roadmaps that exceed their sales targets every month, every quarter and every year.

Sales Meetings & Reporting

As a global partner, our dedicated Sales Directors use global tools to accommodate every client and their needs. Initial sales meetings are held with our clients and their ideal prospects. This helps us assess how our client’s company and brand interacts with their target audience. Our Sales Directors then handle the rest of the process and close all sales deals. Full reporting is delivered through a KPI index overview.

Sales Meetings & Reporting

Onboarding & Lead Generation

With Onboarding, our team gets to know you, your product and target audience. This equips them fully to start the Lead Generation process.

Onboarding & Lead Generation

Sales Maturity Assessment

European Gateway uses Sales Maturity Assessments to set realistic sales KPIs for clients.

This process helps us to measure how adaptable and consistent your sales execution processes are, and where to focus our efforts.

Sales Maturity Assessment


As an EG client, you will enjoy:

  • 130+ years combined sales, leadership and consulting experience as an extension of your team.
  • Senior Leadership and Sales Directors with experience from world class firms like Gartner, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP.
  • Shorter sales cycles using our proven best in class systems and practises, tailored to your business.
  • A substantial increase in sales revenue in just 6-12 months.
  • Over 100 tech companies have successfully expanded into the European Market with us.

Lead Generation Team

European Gateway Sales Associates and Business Development Representatives, come with 3+ years’ experience and are adept at prospecting at C-level, VP, Director and Manager functions.

EG Sales Alumni & Project Manager

The EG Sales Alumni are C-level executives, strategic partners and super-connectors in our network. They bridge relationship gaps and facilitate meetings with prospect companies faster for our clients.

Our Add-On Services

Strategic Consulting

Clients rely on EG’s Strategic Consulting expertise to make important decisions and stay ahead of competitors.

For complete Strategic Consulting support, our add-on service helps with next level in-depth cost-optimization, pricing models and improving business models. This also includes business process management systems and optimisation.

Marketing Advisory & Execution

Our Sales Execution Programme comes with initial high-level marketing advice. This supports our sales enablement and content marketing activities to the target buyer.

For clients with fuller Marketing support needs, we offer exclusive add-on packages and services. Our Marketing add-on packages include delivering next level growth initiatives, from digital to offline strategies and execution; social media initiatives, SEO and website reviews.

Client Success Stories

European Gateway focuses on your sales execution, so you can focus what you do best.

What Clients Say About Us
"I was appointed Managing Director in 2017 and decided to engage EG’s strategic sales services. Since then, we have closed in excess of £1 million in net new business. "
- FDS Fire & Security -
What Clients Say About Us
"The services EG provided to my company completely exceeded our expectations. "
- Globaldatanet -